Trading With Three Time Frames


An introduction to forex time frames for beginners. Learn about the different timeframes that you can use in trading the forex market. What Is Forex Timeframe? An introduction to forex time frames for beginners. Learn about the different timeframes that you can use in trading the forex market.

Traders utilizing a longer-term approach can look to use the weekly chart to grade trends, and the daily chart to enter into positions. See our privacy policy. When you trade the higher time frames you get a clearer picture of what is really happening in the market because most of the erratic market noise of the lower time frames is eliminated. This is likely because new, uninformed traders think that a longer-term approach means it takes a lot longer to find profitability.

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The Best Time Frame For Trading Forex Posted by Bigtrader on January 11, If you are thinking about which forex trading time frame to follow and which to avoid, I will suggest you follow the longer time frames (1 hour, 4 hour, daily, and weekly charts) rather than shorter time frames (1 min, 5 min, 15 min and 30 min charts).

I would rather be a swing trader and catch the broader moves rather sitting in front of charts all day trying to catch intraday moves. Thank you for continuing to advance my education. My trading since being in the war room has dramatically improved! Thanks very much - I wish you continued success on the charts. I agree that trading of the daily chart is the answer to my trading problem on lower time frame. After all this is the best lesson I have learnt. It is absolutely true that the daily chart provides much more comfort than the lower time frames.

In addition to this I use the Ichimoku system. It provides a clear overview about the current state of the markets. Now I would like to ask you to comment on the use of ichimoku if possible. Do you, or did you use it in the past? Thanks for the advise,I am fair new in the community of trader there is more logic in the analysis. I absolutely agreed with you. Before this, my profit up and down, always change to a new techniques because keep Losses.

Totally stupid using lower time frame chart. Since this year, i read your website, my view on charts totally different. I love to do technical analysis based on daily chart and you know what, I keep profit. Before this Risk bigger than Reward, but when i start using daily chart, minimum R: It totally different if you are using daily chart. You must try it, if you really make income through forex. Though new to trading but I can see a lot of logic and sense in it, thanks to your continued support.

Thanks for the article. You didn't mention that the moves described took about 3 to 4 weeks to play out. I think this is why impatient day traders don't like daily charts.

Too long to wait for a signal, and too long to wait for a result, and only a few descent trades per year per pair. What do you think? I am sure you wouldn't mind making a few thousand in 3 weeks for just holding a trade. Sometimes the market moves slow, sometimes it moves fast.

But day traders who gun for quick trades generally have poor profits per trade, higher stress trading environment and the reality is - most of them lost money. You know bro you made me realize that the daily is where people should be trading at. I used to trade the 1hr but I was like man, I have to check every hour. I never trade under 1hr, but everything starts to make sense now, I used to think that once I enter a trade then the next candle it goes the opposite way, that if I waited longer that it will go back, it fluctuates and I want to be a long term trader now, not a scalper.

Just like everything in life, in the long run it will be worth it in the end. In order to see valid trade setups, your mind has to be in a neutral place. This open and neutral mindset can only come with trading less frequently.

I can recall from my own experience that going from the 15 and minute chart to the daily chart seemed crazy at first. I was also nervous and skeptical about the massive stop loss I was going to need to do it.

If you have enough money to open a trading account then you have enough to trade the higher time frames. But you can trade the higher time frames and work your way up. Only if making money bores you. Is it just for the thrill and excitement?

Or is it to make money? Most Forex traders I know are in it because they have dreams to one day trade full-time. But please only do so from a demo account. Well, it all starts with what you want out of life. In the past I have been trading the lower time frame but through so much trial and error , decided to move to 4 hrs and Daily. I am much profitable now after the switch. I recommend all new traders to start with the Daily Time Frame.

The 4 hour and daily time frames take some getting used to but they really do make all the difference. I have a few other lessons and articles I want to get out before that one, but stand by.

Can i ask you which broker do you use for trading? I used to practice on lower time frames but now gradually switching to higher time frames especially Daily. Will that conflict with my decision making?

In a few weeks I am hoping to take the full Price Action Course. I have burnt my account twice. I wonder why so many brokers want people to trade the smaller time frames? Bing September 22, at 7: Adam April 7, at 7: Hi Nial, This may be slightly off topic but do your setups and advice to use higher time frames work for trading indexes? FTSE Really enjoying your articles and tempted to give forex a try on demo account, I started by looking at index trading. Dave4j October 7, at 2: CM October 4, at 6: Intazar Hussain August 2, at 6: Paul July 22, at 2: Thank you dear Nial Fuller.

My trading will move to a better height because of knowing you Reply. Rupesh Bawa June 30, at 9: Shane June 12, at 7: Always good advice Nial. Lola May 6, at God bless Lola Reply. MichaelUSD April 23, at 2: Thanks Nial very good trading lessons.

Maurice T March 26, at 9: Bob March 26, at 1: Denis Cogo March 17, at 8: Eileen March 17, at 2: Mark March 11, at Olusola February 3, at 8: It opens my trading mind. S January 13, at 3: Mike December 26, at Gibson Namasake December 5, at 8: Had thought of it but never tried. It is a bigger eye opener. Isma November 29, at 8: Can see clearly the overall market, very simple to follow Reply.

GOC November 28, at 9: Phil November 28, at 1: Peter November 27, at 8: Elie November 27, at 7: Agnes Alungat November 27, at 6: Thanks alot Nial, I hope to trade well now with the longer time frame of which I never knew of! Bhas pips November 27, at 6: Thanks for your advice and higher time frame always best for biginners Reply. Chuka November 27, at Butch November 27, at Zak November 27, at 5: Great Teacher… Thanks Nial you made trading so simple… Cheers!

Louis November 27, at 5: Hi Nial, Many thanks for your articles. I need some clarification please. Thanks for your time Nial. Domingo November 27, at 4: Nial, I always follow and read your articles because your ideas do really come from your direct experience which help us gain more understanding of the forex trade.

Thanks Nial, I am going to start looking at higher time frames after reading your article, I use a 5m time frame and its very tricky to win, thank you for your lessons, your a star.. Uknowme November 27, at 2: Fuller I will start focusing my attention to the higher time frames, that should be rather easy to do; I got burnt enough on the lower time frames.

Kizito November 27, at T Allen November 26, at Tony November 26, at Another great article Nial Reply. Jeff November 26, at 9: Wonderfull piece of information. The higher you fly ,the clearer your vision. Mr Wong November 26, at 9: Mr Nial vely good comment.

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Thanks so much Nial Im also intrested to You don't need to make 10R in a month. Great read as usual. One big big ques Hi Nial, Thank you for this lesson. Thank Sir for sharing this information.

Thank you for the great insight A very great article but all in all lets protect t I am learning this one at a time as a newbie