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Message from HR Desk: All members of the team play an important role in the success of an organization. Each employee is vital to the KARVY's total mission of providing quality services to its clients.

Nikoletta brings to the GRS Recruiting team an interesting mix of accounting background and recruiter qualities. Qualifying as an Accountant Nicole is an experienced recruiter at GRS with several years recruitment experience gained in Sydney, Australia.

Nicole recruits for position George is an experienced recruiter with experience from the UK and a degree in Accounting and Finance. Sophia is an integral member of the GRS team and plays a fundamental role in the recruitment and selection process of candidates searching fo Victoria joins our administration team after completing high school and a work experience period at our company.

Victoria supports the recrui Despoina has an extensive experience in payroll services as well as bookkeeping services with local and international clients in Cyprus. GRS team took part in the Legion Run in Cyprus following an intense course of obstacles of mud, fire, ice and barbed wire.

The GRS Team joined participants from all The expo, taking pla When you launch a search for an open position at your company and begin to receive applications, the first step is to identify the most suitable, The presentation, hosted by GRS co-fo Country Cyprus Greece Malta Rest of the world.

Connect with a GRS Group consultant today! Accountant - Accounting - Limassol - Cyprus 21 September, On behalf our client an international service provider, GRS are recruiting for an Accountant to join their team in Limassol. Java Developer - IT- Limassol - Cyprus 06 August, On behalf of our client a leading software development company, we are currently seeking to recruit Java Developers both Junior and Senior to join their expanding Limasso Net Developer - IT - Malta 28 June, Our client is a leading software development house that offers software development services to customers all over the world.

Security Researcher - IT - Limassol - Cyprus 01 June, On behalf of our Client, an IT security software solutions provider currently under further expansion, we are seeking to recruit an experienced Security Researcher to be Front End Developer - IT- Limassol - Cyprus 02 May, On behalf of our client we are currently seeking to recruit a Front End Developer to work for a global leader in designing, developing and operating unique and innovative Client If you're currently recruiting or are soon to be recruiting you can trust the expertise of the consultants at GRS to source the best talent from our vast database and network.

Candidate Please visit the section vacancies to view our current search offers. Miranda Nikodemou GRS Group Accountant Miranda is a top 4 qualified accountant with excellent experience gained in all aspects of accounting, reporting and payroll Sophia Christou Team Leader - Administration Sophia is an integral member of the GRS team and plays a fundamental role in the recruitment and selection process of candidates searching fo Victoria Slocombe Administration Support Victoria joins our administration team after completing high school and a work experience period at our company.

Despina Antoniou Accounts and Payroll Despoina has an extensive experience in payroll services as well as bookkeeping services with local and international clients in Cyprus.

Cyprus, Limassol Headquarters Tel.: Also, support is very helpful when it comes to installation as well. You can just email them with images of where you are stuck, and they will guide you, or even connect to your computer if you continue to struggle. If your broker GMT offset changes, then you will have to modify the time settings. Your time plays no role in it. Has anyone used forex fury with a spread betting account in Uk. This has a lot setting. Do I just change this to 1.

Also this is a fantastic software. What could be responsible? I really need help John, please. They are just hidden from the broker. Yes, the loss is on the account as well. Fury will bounce back as it always does. I have no concern. I too have been using Forex Fury on a live account for some months now and can confirm its steady and profitable. I agree with John, these losses are rare and the EA is already well on the way to recovering from last week: Please can a single client purchase multiple say 3 or more licenses of Forex Fury for use with his different brokerage accounts?

It is working well. I will add more funds to my broker account. Absolutely Angela, you can see the account above is still trading and there are reviews with active discussions all over the internet. Can you give us some feedback pls. This EA profitable on consistent basis? I would like to try it soon! My question is would it be a good idea to use this with different brokers to help spread the risk?

My choices are limited as a US trader but trusted Forex brokers are much more established than most binary brokers. I have reviewed most binary bots and am quite sure they are all scams and most brokers they sync with are worse. I do like some of the binary signal services like Binary Today Trader. I will eventually try both.. Any binary brokers you would recommend for Us traders? As for binary brokers I suggest you see the top rated on my site here: Thanks for the review was wondering if any good FX EAs had finally come out.

Does this have to be run on a VPS? Or do you simply turn on your MT4 for the 1-hr trading time? Hi Ammar, Fury is an excellent system. You can certainly run it off your computer. Hello John,i a novice in forex and IT engineer as job but wants to give it a try. Now needs to work with a broker here it that clear so needs to register to have one and link it to fury but some i read not working as good so how to decide on and how to set it with fury?

Any video showing this being done as i have yet to find it? Hi Alex, yes you can order the software with a coupon. As for a broker, they have recommendations in the members area. Good day, I am new to forex and interested in buying ff, do you have any idea of the broker I can use that the EA works perfectly on as I reside in West Africa, Nigeria to be precise.

Hi Segun, go with ThinkForex, they will work well for you with Fury. I tried opening an account with Thinkforex but Nigeria was not listed under country of residence any other good forex broker with Nigeria listed and can work with ff ea?

Are you doing anything to manage the losses this month? Have had some great months, January started strong, however has had a number of losses recently and we are now well into the negative. I do believe it will bounce back.

Thanks John, I would be very interested in your future thoughts regarding managing losses. Hope that makes sense!? Hi Ashley, that strategy does make sense. I suggest employing it and letting us know if it suits you. I just bought the robot the trading time of this robot is 1 hour right? Have you changed the setting or you leave it as is? It opens trades during 1 hour. I bought it last week. It has been running for three trading days, and there has not been a single trade yet on my micro account.

I hope I have not been scammed. Shay, go to the FAQ on their website. The system works great, you may just have to make a couple adjustments to the settings.

I was able to trade it at I have used it on a demo and on another broker but I switched to Finfx due to lag. If you go to the Forex Fury FAQ you will see what you can change to ensure that the software will not be blocked by the broker. Change Max Orders to 1 as a start.

Hi John, sorry i m new to EA. Does the robot set the amount to trade or we have to set it from the deposits in the platform?

Hey John, can you let me know which broker you use for Forex Fury? If US residents can you use it? If not, any recommendations. Btw, it did well being left on in my Demo Account…. At present, I leave FF on all the time. Is there a time EST when it should it be turned on and turned off? Does it trade better at one time rather than another?

Most importantly, how does one ensure that FF is opening trades at the right time? Hi Roz, I leave it on all the time as well, I never turn it off.

Hi I tried other times and for longer periods even though I was advised against by the costumer service and the results were not impressive. In fact with my demo account from 10k went up to 11k but later btw nov and dec went down to 8. In my live account I have it with the recommended settings and its performance is much better. Thaks John again after being burnt before finding your page was the best thing this past year. Questions from the above: Why is the 1K investment more profitable than the 3K?

Would it be advisable to invest 5K if one can afford to? Hi Roz, the only difference is they are testing different risk percentages.

Nothing as complicated as you are laying out here. Thanks John, Have you heard of Axitrader? I am just wandering if it may be my choice of broker? Hi Ashley, could also be the size of your account. So whether you have 1 or 7 there is no difference. My Max Slippage is set at 3.

I am not sure if default is 2 or 3? As I have found info mentioning both of these options. All my other settings were automatically set as default.

John, I just got my 7th win on Fri. That is 7 for 7 on carry over trading from Fri. Also, because of the way the trades were entered, this one was huge. First, thank you for your recommendations on FF. And if yes, then what dates? What do you plan to do? Thank you once again for all your support! How were your results for November? Fury is high win rate but you still need good risk management..

Hi, then set maxtrades to 1 and it will only take one trade at a a time. That will substantially lower the risk. Although, Fury has proven itself over the past few months and I am not fearful. Would you leave it on with that size account? It won all the trades yesterday though… Yayyyyyyy!

Hi John, I have been running Forex Fury on a small live account now for a couple of weeks. I also have Forex Steam running on the account at the same time. Have you tried Forex Steam? So far I am fairly impressed with it. I am going to buy Binary Defender through your site and hopefully between the 3 Programs I will Start making money.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. I really enjoy your site. I am signing up with FF but I had questions about the two additional charges. Should I be buying into both or not? I finally took the plunge with FF through your site: Will try the demo account first to get an understanding of how it all works.

Hi John I went with a broker Forex. I have set up FF successfully, and I already have a forex broker, however im not sure how to link the two so FF can trade on by behalf. Hi,john i just newly got the fury software and i have not had a single trade in the last five days thanks.

Just go to forexfury. Hi John, Having a little problem with the program trading more than once in several days. Hi Dodie, I just use the defaults. Check your journals and experts tabs, they will tell you if anything is wrong.

I have lost a lot of money trading binary options, but after seeing the forex fury review, I feel I should jump in and get it. But I am still skeptical and hesitant, so I am wondering, since you have tested the forex fury, could you please refer me to your test results and your present result, so I can take a look. I know I have seen a lot trading binary options, it has not been easy even with signals provider software. Hi Gift, see these here http: FF is great so far, my demo account went up from 10k to I change the number on max orders but did not trade at all.

Thanks John for you honest reviews. Does this Forex robot have the same issues like Forex Steam concerning setting and figuring out what the Offset is for the news trading time? John, I am looking into this product and asking if it is still working well? I have no experience with Forex. Could you update me? Thanks John for mentioning to your readers FF. I have been testing FF with a demo account for a week and the results are impressive. I am new on forexfury and only getting one trade a day so far.

I am usa and use forex. Will my results mirror forexfury 5k account on thinkforex broker. If not, how do I obtain those results from my broker? Beside turning Friday to false, do u have other recommended setting to change? Like risk or tp setting? I use Forex Fury about 2 days now and im impressed with results. If you want to just google how to. Which is the best broker to use? Im on the west coast?

Thanks and keep up the good work! Like this software very much so far!!! I am running live, but also on demo account. I have tried demo accounts with 1: What is your experience?

I am in the USA. Hi Manoranjan, you do not. As you can see in the results on this page the trades are open during 1 hour and usually closed within hours, thus you would only need your computer on a few hours a day. Thank you for your responce and help. John, thanks you for your prompt reply.

I have purchased forex fury and I look forward to reporting my future profits Bob. Please help me understand forex fury verified results by myfxbook. Hi Bob, they are using the settings provided for free on the front page of the website. I trust in myfxbook and Fury. I have had ForexFury running daily for over two weeks on my live account and there have been only 4 trades so far.

I certainly understand the Greece news and the spread ate Forex. What current feedback have you received or am I the only one having this problem? Hi John, Just downloaded Forex Fury..

Thanks for a great honest site. Hi Scott, ThinkForex broker for Fury. I have been using the default settings. Mine traded five days in June with one losing day, nine days in July with no losing days, and twice this month with no losing days. Hi Jennifer, the max spread may help you get more trades. What is your percentage in profit that has happened for you so far?

Steve, I actually just took my money out of the forex broker I was using because I found a forex broker with a much lower spread.

My hope is that the forex broker with the lower spread will mean more trades for me, in line with what I am seeing others post. I signed up with the forex broker Forex Robot Nation recommends — the one for clients in the United States.

Which broker did you go to and what are their spreads? What is your ratio of leverage you are using? I have gone to Pax however Fury has not traded for me since. Leverage is at 1: Quite honestly, I turned Fury off today given the current state of the market and will wait a few days to turn it back on. By far the most superior piece of software I have ever seen.

I have been racking up 21 wins since I booted the software in the past 3 days and not one loss. I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Or down to 0. Also does forex fury have a way of knowing that it sets stop losses that will be easily covered by the existing balance in your account and not expose you to losing more than you effectively have available? Yes it does this in the money management as well. If I do, can I use the same broker for the 2 accounts? Still would like your personal recommendation on a broker for this Fury plan best regards.

Hi Bob, looks like they are quickly starting to recover from any losses. They happened due to the news in Greece, the market is erratic right now.

When the markets steady Fury will do what it does best, long term winning streaks. Before I start Fury plan and broker sign up, if I buy the two license plan, will fxdd or other broker, accept my two separate accounts Like to know before I sign up. John, fxdd not accepting us clients, they refer to their Malta location. Thanks, ready to get the program going and I will report programs results. Hi Zeo, yes you can. The Greece news has been tough on the software but it will soon recover once this is passed.

Hi Zeo, Good to hear that in regards to binary brain wave. Fury has done okay but I expect it to get stronger moving forward. Would it be possible for you to make a video to show us how it actually works like you did with Binary Ascend for example?

Sorry, but my knowledge is non-existent with forex. When you sign up with Forex Fury, does it automatically direct you to a broker. How would it connect with a broker to trade automatically? What broker do you use with this Fury Forex auto trade system?

What broker do they recommend? Is the fury system fully automatic trading? Hi Bob, I believe in their strategy. You can use any Forex broker you like, I recommend one with a low spread. Their recommendations are all in their members area. Usually, after the weekend, market is very unexpected on the next Monday, as all of us know.

So far, results on their myfxbook are good, but still a short period of time. I am following their results for 3 months, and will buy it then. I hope this will be my final forex robot. In the meantime, if anybody has good results, please share your comments here. Are you going to be posting your results as apart of your monthly income report and which broker are you using for this?

How reliable is the system given that you have used it for a few months in comparison to other robots out there? As with steam being fairly consistent are we in for the same with this product? Hi Deepak, I believe different owners but some of the same team of developers. I definitely see Fury being much more profitable and consistent.

I am a sucker for systems, robots etc and am drawn to this software. However, I have had zero profits from the items I have purchased over the last 2 years, so before I jump into this one could you tell me how you rate Forex Fury against Forex Steam?

Hi Jimmy, I like steam but I really prefer Fury. For one, the transparency is unmatched and my trades always line up with theirs, which is exactly what I want. Does the forex fury software comes with a safe default settings apart from their own optimized settings on their webapge?

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Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest investment forms possible. Related Posts Killer Combo: September 25, at September 10, at 5: September 10, at August 21, at 1: Forex Fury is such a great automated account grower.

Thank you for the introduction. I am havin a lot of success. June 22, at 7: June 22, at 9: Good to hear that Thanman. Forex Fury is still my main automated trading system. September 17, at 1: September 17, at June 14, at May 31, at 4: Perfect compliment to my binary trading like you recommended! January 16, at Been using Fury for a full year every single day. It does all the trading for me. January 16, at 2: January 9, at A tremendous tool for every trader, in any market looking for consistent returns.

December 20, at 2: July 5, at October 30, at 3: Does Forex Fury settings need adjusting now that UK clocks have gone back for winter? October 26, at 3: October 11, at 1: October 17, at 7: October 18, at December 19, at 5: September 13, at 5: Did anyone suffer that big lost last week Thursday going into Friday?