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The TenthAnnual General Meeting of Sri Lanka Money Brokers Association was held on Tuesday 26th July, at p.m at NCC, Colombo following Office Bearers and Directors were elected: Mr. Sudath De Silva of Geroge Stuart Investments Ltd was elected as President.

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Forex in Sri Lanka The Central Bank of Sri Lanka allows foreign exchange trading only with FX brokers approved by the Exchange Control department. Traders living abroad are not subject to this regulation.

It is concentrated on monitoring foreign exchange flow in and out of the country. A major review was done to the ECD regulations in and later on reviewed in This was done in light of the then very archaic rules and the fact that the department wants the Forex market to catch up with technology.

The changes and the effects of the departments are yet to be fully realized. It is a department of the central bank. This does not mean that there are no rogue brokers that want to bypass the system. They can engage with any broker they so wish. But of course one must abide by the laws and regulations of the particular country they are in.

It is legal to engage in Forex trading. If a broker does not have the certificate and is already doing business and wishes to continue, they must apply for the certificate. An ECD regulated Forex broker shall only act as an agent, moderator and never as a principal. They should also clearly state the qualifying conditions on which every transaction will be based on. At the same time, a broker should always use clear terminology which is unambiguous.

The broker must comply with all regulations that relate to regulations of foreign exchange and money market transactions issued by the CBSL when sharing such information with other parties.

The staff working at any regulated Forex broker must possess adequate competences to allow them to perform their duties properly.

A person will fail to qualify to become a CEO or be a member of management at a brokerage firm if they have ever been convicted of a moral crime or failed to repay a debt according to the demands of a court. If a broker fails to give the right information or omits to give material information, punitive measures will be taken after an investigation has been concluded.

Such punitive measures include the revocation of Forex broker license. A broker may be disqualified from conducting certain services or a public warning may be issued by the board.

Some of the largest Forex brokers in Sri Lanka give their clients different types of trading experiences. Such a broker will enable you to trade a range of currency pairs. Forex trading is very popular among the tech-savvy population of Colombo and other large cities of Sri Lanka. While CFD trading is catching up, it is the cryptocurrency which will present Forex trading with a true challenge.

Currently, Sri Lanka cryptocurrency brokers are also doubling as FX brokers too. This is especially the case after Bitcoin made headways in Like in every other country which is open to technology, scammers are to be found.

In Sri Lanka, Forex related thefts started to be reported as early as This is after many years of the bank trying to control the rates even though demand from private and public sectors was shooting through the roof. As a trader, you are advised to follow the ECD Forex guidelines which in return mean that you will less likely be a victim of Sri Lanka Forex scams. Stay up to date with the financial markets everywhere you go.

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