Robots Will Steal Your Job (But Only If You’re A Man)


Additionally, the broker is registered and approved to operate in the EU. But are the bots something to be feared or embraced? Their saving grace is relying very little on clerical support workers, who are much more likely to be usurped by artificial intelligence — think robot receptionists or the already-in-existence customer service chatbot.

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Men in the US come in an impressive third place for the least at risk of automation, despite their leading industry being craft and trades workers, which has a relatively high probability of automation. Their saving grace is relying very little on clerical support workers, who are much more likely to be usurped by artificial intelligence — think robot receptionists or the already-in-existence customer service chatbot.

Interestingly, the only two countries where this differs are the US and UK, where the women largely work in the service sector. The paper, using a novel methodology, details the probability of automation for over jobs by taking into account nine key skills that are needed to perform it: We repeated this calculation for both men and women to find the gender specific risk of computerisation. We decided to only include OECD countries in the study, as these are the countries who have the financial resources in place to effect an economical transition into a robot-dominated workforce.

Frey and Osborne, The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerisation. Japan will have to be quick on its feet to combat robot rule, whereas those countries less susceptible to automation will have more time to put plans in place. And, perhaps most interestingly, it will be the male working population who will see the most job insecurity when the age of the robots arrive — who knew they were feminists too?

Although the risk of job displacement is real and many people will be left vulnerable in the wake of robot take over, this vulnerability might not last for long. There is already talk of retraining programs being put in place to offset job losses, and although the path might be a treacherous one at first, humans will find a way to exist alongside their artificially intelligent counterparts.

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Meet the team behind the expert reviews! Science fiction has long been warning us of the rise of the robots. We mined publicly available data to try and answer these questions.

Key Findings Japan Overall, and for both men and women, Japan tops the table as the population most at risk of losing their job to a robot. Unfortunately for them, their very creation may be their undoing.

A Win for Women While automation poses a threat for some, women will finally see some consolation for their years of under-representation and under-pay in the workforce. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, , , S. Battery lifetime prediction for energy-aware computing, in: Proceedings of the international symposium on Low power electronics and design, , 6, S.

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