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NCCMP covers subjects like equity markets, debt markets, derivatives, macroeconomics, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. NSE was mainly set up in the early s to bring in transparency in the markets. This page was last edited on 24 September , at Download the example for understanding of yield calculation The information and content collectively 'information' provided herein are provided by NSE as general information. Elevated levels are indicative of a poor outcome.

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Many vulnerability detection scripts are already available and we plan to distribute more as they are written. Many attackers and some automated worms leave backdoors to enable later reentry. Some of these can be detected by Nmap's regular expression based version detection, but more complex worms and backdoors require NSE's advanced capabilities to reliably detect.

As a general scripting language, NSE can even be used to exploit vulnerabilities rather than just find them. The capability to add custom exploit scripts may be valuable for some people particularly penetration testers , though we aren't planning to turn Nmap into an exploitation framework such as Metasploit.

These listed items were our initial goals, and we expect Nmap users to come up with even more inventive uses for NSE. Scripts are written in the embedded Lua programming language , version 5. The reference manual, updated for Lua 5. Given the availability of these excellent general Lua programming references, this document only covers aspects and extensions specific to Nmap's scripting engine. NSE is activated with the -sC option or --script if you wish to specify a custom set of scripts and results are integrated into Nmap normal and XML output.

Service scripts producing output in this example are ssh-hostkey , which provides the system's RSA and DSA SSH keys, and rpcinfo , which queries portmapper to enumerate available services.

The only host script producing output in this example is smb-os-discovery , which collects a variety of information from SMB servers. Nmap discovered all of this information in a third of a second. A minute video introduction to NSE is available at https: The exchange was incorporated in as a tax-paying company and was recognized as a stock exchange in under the Securities Contracts Regulation Act, , when P. The capital market equities segment of the NSE commenced operations in November , while operations in the derivatives segment commenced in June NSE offers trading, clearing and settlement services in equity, equity derivatives, debt and currency derivatives segments.

It was the first exchange in India to introduce electronic trading facility thus connecting together the investor base of the entire country. It also allows investors to hold and trade in as few as one share or bond. This not only made holding financial instruments convenient but more importantly, eliminated the need for paper certificates and greatly reduced the incidents of forged or fake certificates and fraudulent transactions that had plagued the Indian stock market.

The NSDL's security, combined with the transparency, lower transaction prices and efficiency that NSE offered, greatly increased the attractiveness of the Indian stock market to domestic and international investors.

The futures and options segment of NSE has made a global mark. NSE is the first Indian exchange to launch global indices. This was the first of its kind of an index of the UK equity stock market launched in India.

The index constitutes This is the first time that retail and institutional investors in Japan will be able to take a view on the Indian markets, in addition to current ETFs, in their own currency and in their own time zone. Investors will therefore not face any currency risk, because they will not have to invest in dollar denominated or rupee denominated contracts. It also added currency futures in Euros, Pounds and Yen.

Market participants have been in favour of the product being cash settled and being available on a single bond. On 13 May , NSE launched India's first dedicated debt platform to provide a liquid and transparent trading platform for debt related products. The Debt segment provides an opportunity to retail investors to invest in corporate bonds on a liquid and transparent exchange platform. It also helps institutions who are holders of corporate bonds. It is an ideal platform to buy and sell at optimum prices and help Corporates to get adequate demand, when they are issuing the bonds.

Trading on the equities segment takes place on all days of the week except Saturdays and Sundays and holidays declared by the Exchange in advance. The market timings of the equities segment are:.

Pre-open order matching starts immediately after close of pre-open order entry. It has an up time record of NSE has taken huge strides in technology in these 20 years.

In , when trading started, NSE technology was handling 2 orders a second. This increased to 60 orders a second in Settlements have always been handled smoothly.

The list of various modules can be found at the official site of NSE India. NCCMP covers subjects like equity markets, debt markets, derivatives, macroeconomics, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Successful candidates are awarded joint certification from NSE and the concerned. On 8 July , Sucheta Dalal wrote an article on Moneylife alleging that some NSE employees were leaking sensitive data related to high-frequency trading or co-location servers to a select set of market participants so that they could trade faster than their competitors.

NSE alleged defamation in the article by Moneylife. The Bombay High Court has stayed the order on costs for a period of two weeks, pending the hearing of the appeal filed by NSE.