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Today, I traded on one currency pair for 5 hours, in the end I Execute these rollout trades as spread orders with your broker. EMA and recent gap down confirms trend turn to bearish note. Looking for bullish to neutral movement this week.

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The Pros will often be the initial driving force behind a Velocity run see rectangle around the velocity run. A velocity run is different from a momentum run as the candles do not overlap. One thing for options traders to remember is that when pro traders are swinging a giant lot trade for a short-term Despite being extremely overvalued, chart technicals are mostly good.

I expect CGC will see another day of gains tomorrow, and end the week green. As Tilray consolidates, and CRON continues to oscillate wildly, this will enjoy steady, but slower, upwards acceleration throughout The stock might stay between and Medium term bullish credit spread on SLV silver.

As silver attempts to break above Next movement for MU let us see if we will be right or not in that Please like and leave comment,we'll appropriate that a lot. Buy low, sell high, price is too high and overextended to contemplate any trades at this point. Wont be touching AMZN for a long time! TSLA Very strong monthly demand in control.

Previous monthly and weekly demand levels have been playing out nicely. No longs allowed right now unless price reaches fresh monthly demand imbalance around New bullish credit spread on XLB materials. Looking for bullish to neutral movement this week. EMA and recent gap down confirms trend turn to bearish note. But you can squeeze even more cash out of this stock. Come January you may decide to roll this option out with the next year's LEAP and catch another option premium while you raise the strike price up again.

It's usually better to roll your options right after the new options come out. That's the week after expiration when the new two month out options first appear. This way most of the time premium has dissipated from the nearer term options and there is still a good amount of time premium in the farther out options. It also gives you time to get the prices you want well before expiration day comes up. Execute these rollout trades as spread orders with your broker.

To do this you calculate the difference between the option you are buying back and the one you want to sell. This is a much safer way to do these trades. It protects you from a price drop after buying back the option. These kind of spread orders can even be done in your retirement account.

If your broker won't or can't do them, you need to find another broker. Set a reasonable profit target for rolling the option to help you decide what month and price to roll out to. Then you look for the right months and strike prices that satisfy that goal.

You could also set targets based on percent return over the period or over the year. Not bad in a world of 1. To calculate your return, you can use this formula: If you estimate too high, you will leave money on the table. If you estimate too low, you might risk getting the stock called away. Don't rollout options for a losing stock. If your stock is on a decline and things might get worse in a few months, dump the stock now and look for another one to buy.

There are thousands of them out there. Focus on the big positions first. The week you focus on rolling options could be hectic if you have a large portfolio. You will be tracking several positions and you can only concentrate on a few at a time. Go for the big money generating options first. Don't wait for that first Monday after the new options come out to start thinking about the trades you might make.

Do your research on the Saturday and Sunday before the market opens. Set your targets, estimate the prices, and prepare your plan so on Monday you will be ready to roll. If you want, try MSFT and follow along 6 For more information on rolling stocks and what the column headings mean, move your pointer over one of the underlined headings and in a few moments a definition will appear. I am a novice at trading options I am an experienced options trader How did you hear about us?

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