Afterpay partners with Trade Me to rollout buy now, pay later solution to New Zealand merchants


Afterpay partners with Trade Me to rollout buy now, pay later solution to New Zealand merchants. Sydney fintech Afterpay has announced a new partnership with New Zealand ecommerce platform Trade Me that will see the startup’s ‘buy now, pay later’ offering rolled out to Trade Me merchants and customers.

What is combined shipping? Trade Me said Lixtor was just trying to draw media attention.

Change to success fee calculation – what it means for you

Aug 22,  · They're a bit coy on the fee - but looks like whatever it is rests with the seller. This makes me wonder - many sellers were against the 2% fee for credit cards, so if it ends up being more like % then who would enable Afterpay on their listings?

At most, it looks like a useful tool for searching for items, and maybe buying haven't tried that yet , but not quite so handy for sellers ; Hopefully the next version might address some of the issues. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Do you find yourself always checking your Watchlist, spending Saturdays listing items, or constantly running your favourite search? Siri Shortcuts new in iOS 12 make it much easier to do all these things! Our Trade Me app speaks a little! Check out the te reo card in the "Did you know? You can then navigate around some of the app in te reo! Over the coming months, you'll start to see changes to the My Trade Me screens in the app.

This update has the first of those changes: From our next app update, you will need to be running iOS 10 or higher to continue receiving app updates and new features. We've made it super easy to switch between list and gallery views as well as enabling bulk share and delete from screens like Watchlist and Lost.

We also improved category, store, and member search. You can now see how many other people are watching the thing that you are watching. Let the fomo ensue! Finance options from dealers are now available, go forth and find the car of your dreams!

Your watchlist will refresh the closing time a little better than it did before, if you are in the last few minutes of an auction - i. Handful of trifling bug fixes too small for the human eye. The app is now better than it was.

Sometimes, when entering a listing, the back arrow would go white. We have now coloured it in and told it to behave. When opening up a long description to read it, the app would sometimes close it suddenly. This has been fixed, and everything returned to its rightful place. We've also included a number of bug fixes and smaller enhancements in this update too. Motors listing cards now display premium features: Bold titles, Feature highlight, Highlight bars, and Subtitle.

You can now add your CV to your Job Profile so employers can download it. Cheers to everyone who sent us feedback over the last couple of weeks, every bit helps! Looking for a job? Planning to look for one in the future? You can now create your job profile right here in the app. We've also reworked the listing screen behind the scenes to be snappier and have squished a bunch of bugs here that have been annoying us all!

Find out how combined shipping could work for you from this blog post. Keep in mind that listings without specified shipping costs are less likely to sell.

Change to success fee calculation — what it means for you posted on 12 February Why are you making the change? When does this come into effect?

This is going to affect my business — what are you doing to help sellers? For sellers that use a different courier booking system, Fastway Couriers are happy to discuss a personal solution for your business and can be reached directly on 4 fastway.

In the coming weeks we will have Trade Me Stores featured in the iOS app, so your buyers who like to shop on the go see the very best version of your business. Does this mean I can add the shipping costs to the Buy Now price and offer free shipping? How will success fee refunds work? Apply via the site for a full refund of your success fees. This will include fees paid on shipping.

For partial success fee refunds, contact customer support with the details. How to make free shipping work for your business Someone has to pay for the cost of shipping. Here are some ideas to make it work for your business: Factor free shipping into your operation from the moment you buy inventory and include it in your financial models.

Yes, it will cut into your margins, but think of it as another marketing expense — a tool to attract more sales. The return on investment should stack up. Marketing this perk will reduce potential sale barriers and help you stand out from other sellers. Try offering free shipping on a minimum order amount to help offset the increase in costs to your business.

This can also help increase your average order value. Pick a few products that you have healthy margins in and offer free shipping on those. If you have a fairly standard product line, for example you only sell mobile phone cases, then flat rate shipping could be the way to go. Finally, online retailers can reduce overheads by negotiating preferential shipping rates with courier companies.

New free shipping banner Another benefit of free shipping is the updated free shipping banner in search results, shown below. Frequently asked questions How can I get a refund of the success fee for shipping if I refund my buyer? Offer pick-up on suitable items could off-set any extra cost. Try to negotiate a better rate directly with your freight forwarder.

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From 14 March New photo and video policy coming for all 'in trade' sellers. On 14 August we announced our new marketplace photo and video policy, which will affe