Ichimoku Cloud AFL code


Check how it plays a major role in taking trend decisions. As usual Ichimoku performs a high role in high probability trading and this can be applied to any kind of time frame. Heikin-Ashi is a modified candlestick that rearranges how price is displayed so traders can see when it is prudent to stay in a well-entered trend. The current setup has bands of vertical lines that obscure the clouds.

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Goichi Hosoda, a Japanese journalist, who invented Ichimoku spent more than a decade to make it real perfect. This indicator is now considered as one of the most reliable setup in any technical chart. Chikou Span Lagging Span: Closing price plotted 26 days behind its actual. Below is the Ichimoku AFL code which is actually a complete trading system in itself. When the price is above cloud it indicates uptrend and the cloud color is green, while when the price is below cloud it indicates downtrend and cloud color is red.

Few of the standard Ichimoku parameters are modified to avoid whipsaws. Please i need your help to upgrade this afl that i founded yousefull for me A strong Sell Signal occurs when the opposite occurs. The signals must be above the Kumo. A normal Sell Signal occurs when the opposite occurs. The signals must be within the Kumo. A weak Sell Signal occurs when the opposite occurs. The signals must be below the Kumo.

Overall strength - Strength is shown to be with the sellers if the Chikou Span is below the current price. Strength is shown to be with the buyers when the opposite is True. I need to add for this formula an explorer for all type signals Trends - Trends can be determined by simply looking at where the current price is in relation to the Kumo. Alternatively, if the price stays above the Kumo, then there is an upward trend bullish.

It leaked out of my brain. Avadhoot Nasikkar Member Jan 24, On daily chart, identify the main trend direction. The trend is up when prices are above the Cloud, and down when prices are below the Cloud. On daily chart, identify key levels of support and resistance near current price.

The stop loss for a buy trade is below the most recent fractal swing low minus 10 pips. The profit is 3 times the difference between stop loss and entry. Never risk more than 0.

Use a trailing stop. When long, trail stop below the lowest low of the most recent 3 candles. When short, trail stop above the highest of high of the most recent 3 candles. If you don't have time to monitor the trade this closely, than move stop to break-even once you have reached a reward to risk ratio of 1: